5 great tips for winter trekking

Trekking in the winter is gradually becoming a tourist trend that many people choose because of its unique and different experience.

Here, we will tell you some tips for a perfect trekking journey.

1. Choose the right trekking trail

Choosing the right trekking trail with terrain suitable for your interests and health is extremely important, deciding whether or not your trip will be successful. For example, Nepal has a lot of very beautiful trekking bows but my boyfriend chose Annapurna Base Camp with continuous climbing and very crowded terrain. Meanwhile, we are all people who like pristine, deserted places that make me feel the trip is really wasteful.


2. Wear suitable clothes

Winter trekking, especially snow-capped mountains, offers a different experience but in return, you will face very harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare costumes that are suitable, warm enough but still comfortable for easy movement.

Do not wear a coat that is too thick, it will be difficult to remove. For undergarments and pants, you should choose something that is thin but able to keep warm. Outer pants use wind-proof, dry-proof and waterproof types.


Besides, you need to pay special attention when choosing trekking shoes for long journey without foot pain, waterproof. Do not forget to prepare some thick socks, as high as half of the calf or to the knee; a pair of anti-glare glasses when walking in snow to protect the eyes.

Tools and trekking clothes are very expensive, but you should still invest in good things to ensure safety and durability, if you intend to trekking many times.

3. Check the weather

Do not trekking when heavy snowfall because if the foot is snowy, walking will be very difficult; The sky is also blind, which limits the visibility. Not to mention, it is very cold, many trekking routes can be blocked. Therefore, you should always check the weather to make sure the weather is convenient for your trekking journey.


4. Learn how to use crampon

Crampon is a type of sole attached to shoes with sharp spikes dedicated to ice trekking. Wearing these shoes can be dangerous if you are not used to it because falling, kicking one foot and the other can cause injury. But keep in mind, never climb up an ice mountain if you don’t bring a crampon.

5. Sort luggage

Going on trekking is not like going on vacation, you should bring some things to carry easily. Moreover, the weather is cold so you will not need to change much, just focus on carrying the things you really need in your backpack. Do not forget to bring energy-rich foods such as protein bars, chocolate, nuts. In addition, a thermos bottle of water is extremely necessary when you trekking in the winter, especially when going on a long day. A tea or coffee, hot cocoa prepared will help you stay warm and replenish energy during the trip.