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The boss kept the corona epidemic at home, and the staff went trekking

The trainee group of a bank in Hong Kong made the leaders unhappy when they invited each other to go sightseeing, and also took pictures posted online during the time they should have done at home.

During an outbreak of acute pneumonia caused by a new strain of the coronavirus, many companies decide to give employees a break or work from home to avoid spreading the disease.

Recently, a group of trainees at the Hang Seng Bank (Hong Kong) caused a controversy on the internet forum when they posted photos of them trekking together during the time they should have been working.

In the photo, the trainee group poses for a photo shoot at Braemar Hill. In another picture, the poster wrote with the caption: “Men in the wilderness”.

The photo was supported by some people because they thought this was a positive activity amid a stressful epidemic, but the bank manager was not satisfied and said that this was an unforgivable action.

However, the bank representative also noted that this job may come from a group of employees who are new and not familiar with the work arrangements at home.

“Our bank has a mechanism to handle the above situations and will continue to monitor this issue,” said the bank’s representative.

Hang Seng is one of a number of businesses in Hong Kong that are forced to temporarily close offices when it was affected by the corona epidemic. Before that, the government extended the decision for workers to work from home until February 16.

This month, employees from several parts of the bank are allowed to work from home. Staff members are forced to go to the office to have their temperature checked daily.

Analyzing this incident, recruitment consultant Alexa Chow Yee-ping – chief executive officer of AMAC Human Resources Consulting – said this incident showed the lack of supervision of bank management.

“Supervisors should assign home workers specific tasks, asking them to report back on what they did when they weren’t in the office. It’s not uncommon for bankers to work from home in the past, so supervisors needed specific instructions”, Chow said.

But this person also thinks that the above trainees must take full responsibility. Because working at home is essentially working, even without going to the office.

“The trainees have shown a lack of discipline and may not be suitable for management. In some companies, this can be severely disciplined,” Chow added.