Karnali River Rafting 11 Days



Departure Point: Kathmandu or Pokhara
River Start Point: Dhungeshower
River Finish Point: Chisopani
Outward Travel Time: 14 Hours
River Grade: III to IV+
Return Travel Time: 12 Hours
Rafting Duration: 7 night 8 Days
River Distance: 180 Km. (Approximately)

About Karnali River

Rafting or Kayaking in Karnali is one of the best trips available in the World. This mightiest river originates from Mt. Kailash in Tibet and hence Karnali literally means ‘Holy water from the sacred mountain’.
As Karnali River wedge through the Himalaya in a series of magnificent gorges and forests to tropical riverine forests, we come across Nepal’s Wildlife. The river is also rich in Himalayan aquatic life such as Golden Masheer and giant Catfish. This is Nepal’s largest and longest river, flowing uninhibited through the least populated region of the country. For the eight days and 180 kilometers we won’t see a single sign of the modern world making it Nepal’s finest multi day river rafting.Karnali River rafting is a finest trip of rafting on Nepal’s longest and largest river Karnali which has wild rapids suitable for rafting, kayaking, fishing, and wildlife safari. The bottom section of Karnali River is definitely a life up to that name- the area that it flows through is wild and relatively unpopulated. Some of the most pristine jungle scenery in Nepal, an abundant wildlife can be seen through Karnali River rafting. In terms of volume it is comparable to Sunkoshi but Karnali is more constrained by its canyon walls giving bigger more continuous and serious rapids. This river springs from the base of Mt. Kailash western part of Tibet, the center of universe for both Buddhist and Hindu believers. Here you can enjoy scarcely populated area of pristine jungle teeming with abundant bird and wildlife. The high flows and gradient of this lower river has made it a prime contender for hydro Electric Power Schemes. It is rated as one of the top 10 rivers in the world; this is guaranteed to be an epic white water journey that you will never forget.

Karnali River rafting starts with a flight from Kathmandu Airport to Nepalgunj within an hour. From there you can drive to Surkhet. You can enjoy interesting truck ride enjoying the forest, villages and spectacular sceneries. Sauli is the rafting starting point, for the rafting in Karnali River. The river drops into imposing canyons filled with powerful big volume white water. Just enough easier water to regroup and prepare for the next big challenge separates rapids like ‘captivity’, ‘flip and strip’ and ‘Gods house’. In this trip, you can enjoy full day jungle activities, Tharu cultural dance with B/BQ dinners as well as dolphin excursion. It is considered as one of the finest big volume rafting and kayaking trip in the world. A classic expedition and obviously the best combination trip short two days trekking, rafting, kayaking, fishing, wildlife safari, remoteness and unpopulated ‘wild west’. KarnaliRiver winds through some magnificent unspoiled scenery eventually emerging onto the plains and following through the Bardia National Park to join the Ganges. Towards the end of the trip the river gradient begins to ease as the Karnali leaves the mountains and flows out into the Genetic plains of Terai.

Karnali River Rafting is suitable for challenging to them and wanted to enjoy rafting in the wildest rivers plus enjoying natural scenery and wildlife. The best season for visiting this river is November, December, March and April.

Karnali Rafting Itinerary

Day 01:
We meet at the office at 7am (Pokhara or Kathmandu) with your bags ready to go. This is a long bus journey, so be prepared with water etc. We travel to the far west and arrive in Surkhet very late in the evening. You are able to have a sleep here.

Day 02:
After breakfast we continue our drive to Karnali put in point at Dungeshwar (5 hrs). This section of the drive offers yet unspoiled scenery of charming villages and farms. We will do short rafting trip after lunch to set up first night’s camp by the bank of Karnali.

Day 03:
The river gives the team, time to build. There are good rapids and water flow those allow learning errors. We still manage to get at least one great class IV rapid in. We camp and get excited about tomorrow.

Day 04:
This is the type of day that people imagine when they think of Himalayan water. It is BIG and it is continuous. We enter into the Jungle Corridor. This is a narrowing jungle clad gorge and it is all ours. The team building is put into full practice and when your guide shouts “all forward” he really means it! Enjoy the ride all day and camp in this sensational setting.

Day 05:
More of the same including the notorious GOD’S HOUSE rapid. Don’t forget to take in the bird life which is equally as abundant as the lush vegetation. Camp and relax.

Day 06:
It isn’t over yet! Keep paddling hard ! You really are experiencing the best of the west on yet another day of great action and breath taking scenery.

Day 07:
This is a holiday after all, so we have programmed a rest day so you can take time to enjoy your surroundings and relax on a great sandy beach.

Day 08-09:
We see the rapids dying off as we come out of the gorge. We pass the confluence with the Seti river where the river broadens. Today and the next day and a half are a chance to enjoy your journey admiring the country and villages you pass. You will have seen the safety kayakers in action and will no doubt be inspired, so ask the guides for some supervised instruction, or take over the raft and learn about the river.

Day 10:
We come to the end of our journey at about lunch time where our bus will be waiting to collect us. Those who have booked to go to Bardia National Park (highly recommended!), will be collected from here as well.

Day 11:
We arrive back at Kathmandu/Pokhara, in the early morning of the eleventh day. What a journey !!!