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If you love sports and exploring, then experience trekking in the Himalayas

Trekking – A special sport

Trekking means a long walk is a form of adventure travel outdoors in the wild. The trekking only the only means of transport is their feet. They must walk, often carry their own clothes and go into forests, mountains and villages away from the center without transport means, it takes a lot of time, hard work, even danger.

The trekking journey is often very wild but also surprisingly interesting. Trekking helps to train the body,is useful for health, challenges the feeling of being conquered and immersed inthe wild nature. Please do not confuse trekking with climbing.

Why should you go Trek Himalaya, Nepal?

What’s good about going to the Himalayas? For simplicity, it is possible to summarize the trek journey with just a few words: going up and down, going down and then going up again, and sometimes going to the road by, not up, not down. But going up, tired, unable to breathe, tired thighs, going down is easy to hurt knees, toe or ankle pain.

And most of the time will not be watching the sky, watching the clouds, watching the mountains or taking a selfie, but just looking at the ground, taking care of trampling or even stepping on horse manure. Then, the living conditions are always at a minimum, especially when getting higher and higher, there is a shortage, the night is difficult to sleep because the air is thin and it is cold. Not to mention the risks that can happen as shock of height, fall or knee pain, cramps, sprains, colds, stomach aches …

But to compensate, when you go on a trek, you have the joys that are not easy: that is the overwhelming feeling of the majestic nature, the vast spaces of nature that if you don’t go, you can only have opportunity to see on TV or over the Internet. It is fun both in the journey and in the destination, when you realize you can do it, overcome the limits that you previously thought you could hardly do.

It is also the uncertainties and unpredictability of the journey and that itself makes its journey interesting and unforgettable. It is also your companions or other trekkers who are on the same road with you, but when you meet each other only greet each other with a Hello or Namaste but can understand and share each other’s love for nature and life. It is also the impression of people living in those lands, there are things that make you pity, admire, sympathize and sometimes make it easier to try to put yourself in their place.

Impressions of the landscape will also pass away (although the camera may somewhat be recorded to make you remember), but the memories of the emotions once on the journey will surely stop longer.