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Let’s live slowly in the happiest kingdom of the world

Under the majestic Himalayas, Bhutan is a destination for you to enjoy the happy life in the pristine nature.

A small country in South Asia, located in the middle of China and India, isolated in the middle of highland hills and mountains, Bhutan is characterized by windy roads, romantic forests, dreamy valleys and a series of green flags,  heavenly red. Pristine forests in Bhutan stretch like endless and are strictly protected. Amidst wild nature, monasteries, ancient palaces are hard to miss destinations for visitors to the happy kingdom. Passing through the fragrant scent of strange grass and flowers, visitors will reach the top of heaven and heaven with ancient temples and monasteries amidst clouds.

The monastery is home to and practices nearly a hundred nuns. Each year, they are almost completely isolated from the outside for 6 months of snow covering the jungle. It takes 3 hours horseback riding, hiking, mountain climbing, climbing 850 steps on stone, you will reach Taktsang Monastery or Tiger’s Nest. From a distance, Taktsang Mountain rises like the face of a prickling tiger, zooming in. For the people here, happiness is living in harmony with nature. Therefore, when the King and Queen gave birth to their sons, the Bhutanese welcomed the prince by planting 108,000 trees, setting a world record for the love of chlorophyll of heaven and earth.

Not without reason, this country was honored by all humanity “The happiest kingdom in the world”. At the foot of the roof of the Himalayas, the people here enjoy the peaceful and desirable life day by day. Living in the Buddhist country, they value kindness, friendliness, the pride of their colorful cultural identity as well as their romantic alpine life. The Bhutanese government set up the Ministry of Happiness alone to look after the lives of its people.

Coming here, you will never see people sleeping in the street. If they lose their home, they will go to the King to ask for land and start a new life. Health and education are two completely free fields in this country. Abundant hydropower source not only helps people to use for free but also creates a big revenue for the country. Bhutanese people live their own way and view happiness as the balance between financial and spiritual values. Therefore, they choose simple happiness and contentment in the present life.

Bhutan – “The happy realm” on the Himalayas

Nestled in the majestic Himalaya mountains, the peaceful kingdom of Bhutan is quite strange to many people, but converges the happiest things of the lower world.

The small nation of Bhutan is known for the world’s highest happiness index,located in the eastern Himalayas, between Tibet (China) and India. The people of Bhutan call their country Druk Yul, meaning “the land of the Thunder Dragon” – associated with the legendary Dragon Thunder, making everyone who once set foot appreciate life and feel like living in paradise.

The majority of Bhutanese people follow Buddhism, the Buddhist mark is very clear in the cultural life when the majority of Bhutanese who study at Buddhist Schools or wherever you go see the Buddha’s flag flying in wind.

Bhutan is known not to rely on skyscrapers or great buildings, but because of the quietness, separation from the world: there is no distinction between rich and poor, there are not many billboards, not massively developing the tourism industry. Bhutan has only one airport, with an airstrip, where the plane can only go up and down during the day, in good weather. Preserving and protecting the natural environment is a concept deeply embedded in the subconscious of every people here. They have a sense of self-awareness when they see a broken tree, they will grow three other saplings as a way of “compensating” for their mother nature.

Arriving in the small town of Paro you will see the clean and peaceful streets, adorned with lovely traditional houses with elaborate carved frames, hung with chillies of ripe chillies. From the far side, Rinpung Dzong ancient monastery is located on a hillside with a dzong-style architecture (fortress) that looks as though it appears from a distant past.

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More interesting is still climbing through the mountains of the same message to visit the famous Taktsang monastery. This is the most sacred place of the Kingdom of Bhutan and is revered by Buddhists. The monastery is located on the high cliffs in the middle of the clouds overlooking the beautiful Paro valley. Whether you come here by any way, it feels like you are lost in the first place.

On the way to Thimphu Capital, you will admire the tall pine trees glistening by the sun and the clear streams flowing between the rocks. Tashichho Dzong Monastery is located on the banks of the Wang Chhu River, which is the workplace of the Bhutanese monarch and the ministries and agencies most visited by visitors.

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On the highway from Thimphu to Punakha, especially the stop at the 3100m high Dochula Pass, zooming out of sight you will see the majestic Himalayas and the buffalo are grazing. Pristine nature also leads you through the old forest and fresh azalea carpet to explore Phobjikha valley, visit people’s houses to learn more about the lifestyle, customs and enjoy ara drunken rice wine with beauty fanciful of legendary land Dragon Thunder.