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Round Your Eyes At New Species Discovered In The Himalayas

Horn frogs, walking fish or sneezing monkeys… are among the more than 200 new species discovered in the Himalayas.

These creatures are not only completely new to the scientific world, but some species also possess superficial and exotic characteristics. Let’s also learn about some of the new species among them through the article below.

1. Dracula fish

Dracula fish or Danionella Dracula was discovered in 2009 and is endemic to Myanmar.


The name Dracula – was named after their unusual “fangs”. Male vampire fish possess a pair of protruding bones in the jaw shaped similar to a pair of fangs, and are often used when fighting other males.

2. The walking fish

The scientific name of walking fish is Channaandrao. The discovery of this species in West Bengal (India) in 213 raised the region’s number of snakehead fish to 10 – accounting for nearly one third of the total number of species of snakehead fish.


Walking fish can breathe on land and can even survive without water for a period of up to 4 days. Although terrestrial movement canmake them a bit difficult, by wriggling, Channaandrao can walk a distance of 400m on land.

3. Sneezing monkey

Discovered around early 2010 in northern Myanmar, this sneezing monkey (scientific name Rhinopithecusstrykeri) has two characteristics: no nose and… sneezing when it rains.


That’s because their noses are upturned and there is no meat around to protect them, making the water easy to fall into the nose. For this reason, sneezing monkeys have a habit of hiding their heads under their knees to cover the face when they encounter rain.

Rhinopithecusstrykeri has been included in the list of dangerous animals that need to be protected due to excessive hunting by indigenous people. It is estimated that there are only about 300 individuals left in the wild today.

4. Horned frog

This frog belongs to the mud-toad family, a special toad in Asia. They are known for their camouflage talent, by using gold-like skin,combining with veins on their bodies to blend in with nature.


They are called “horned frogs”, because their eyes are stretched, shaped like two horns on their heads. The “horn” is also used by this frog as a camouflage tool and threatens the enemy.

The normal size of Megophryid is from 2 – 12.5cm. The adult frog has another recognizable trait that possesses a paddle-shaped tongue.