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The rules help you have a safe trekking

Safe trekking is always a topic that many people are interested in participating in the type of tourism experience in the wilderness, forests or sea islands, where almost no support services on the road.

Do not go alone

To have a safe trekking, ​make sure not to go alone but at least go from 2 or more, keep contact distance. This is very important because when in the forest without or weak phone signal, the friend is the one who will support you in all situations (even when stray, if there are 2 people is better than alone).


Neither ahead of the guide nor behind the escort

Every trip must always be accompanied by a guide – who is well versed in the terrain and path – first, and a final escort, make sure no one goes astray or is left behind. This is the key to make you have a safe trekking. When the tour leader arrives at the meeting place, all members are present. Therefore, absolutely do not go before the lead and after the delegation. In the event of an incident, immediately notify the nearest guide/supporter so that the guide team has a timely support assignment.

Do not arbitrarily detach the union to have a safe trekking

Absolutely not leave the union without the consent of the team leader. In case of force majeure, it is impossible to immediately inform the team leader, must inform at least 1 nearest guide in the delegation for timely assistance. Separating the group when you are not professionally prepared and fluent in the road is extremely dangerous.


Handling at the turn

If the front group is going too fast, you cannot keep up and you are currently standing at an intersection with multiple trails. Stand still and wait for the directions of the nearest guide to go up. Absolutely not arbitrarily turn or follow a group of strangers, because the routes are different

Don’t run, don’t rush

Trekking requires a lot of endurance and willpower as you’ll travel long distances. Therefore, do not hurry impatient will quickly make you lose strength.


When going uphill

It’s up to you and your health, and here are some rules for you to climb the slope more smoothly. Slightly bent over and poured the weight forward. When the focus is not on the sole of the foot, the body will reflexively step up.

– Walking slowly, slowly and steadily (taking small steps) restricts restlessness in the middle of the slope.

– Make contact with the ground with the foot of the foot and then gently touch with the whole foot (mid-foot landing) because if you touch the ground with the tip of the foot, it will be difficult for you to maintain your physical strength for long distances such soil requires that the ankles and calves be constantly active, resulting in overload and quick pain.

– Use the same force on both feet to avoid overloading, muscle tension, and cramping.

– Try to keep the rhythm steady, including breathing.

– Do not constantly look at the long slope if it makes you frustrated. Focus on each step and breath.

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When going downhill

In contrast, when you go downhill, you will often want to land on your toes and have your weight pulled forward.

No running to have a safe trekking

Running speed plus the slope will increase inertia and easily make you fall extremely dangerous. Keep moving slowly, steady and pay attention to your every step.

Should touch with the outside of the foot

Instead of moving forward, you should move horizontally and slightly inclined, this will reduce the pressure on the toes, limiting slippery certainly in every step.