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Summer trekking experience for young people

Summer comes, in addition to long distances or attractive resort destinations, there are many young people who also want to explore the wild nature.

You want to try yourself and love adventure, adventure, and movement on every trip. So trekking is often your priority in the summer. However, you must be a person with good health and good will to join a true trekking trip.

The places young people like to choose for trekking are usually mountainous areas or villages away from plains and cities, inconvenient transportation, no roads for cars and motorcycles. You can only reach by walking and it takes quite a bit of time. These destinations are often not on the map, but only go to know new places and discover special things. The trekking journey is often very wild but also many interesting surprises.

Before you go, you need to plan and carefully prepare personal items, protective equipment and schedules. The basic indispensable items such as tents, ropes, sheets, sleeping bags, forest knives, lighters, burning candles, pots and pans, super boilers. Some basic medicines such as water sterilizing tablets, antipyretic, abdominal pain, antibiotics, bandages, medical tincture, mosquito repellent cream.

Some dry, energy-dense foods such as dried shrimp, sausages, canned foods, dried foods, shrimp noodles, dried beef, salted roasted peanuts, packaged dried vegetables, cookies, sweet candies, chocolate to enhance resistance and especially coffee or a small bottle of wine. The belongings you bring should share equally to the transport members to minimize unnecessary belongings for the trip.


Things that should not be missing in your backpack are a few trekking clothes (super light, rainproof, mosquito, squeezed), a soft clothes to wear to bed at night, socks, scarves, hats, protective gloves, toiletries (brushes, towels, shampoos, soap, toothpaste), raincoats, rain shoes, personal knives, flashlights, dishes , spoon and a few snacks such as candy, cake, dry food to be in the most easily accessible position in the backpack. Some other items such as a camera, a small notebook and a pen to record the precious experiences on the road.

You should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes, which contain lots of bags. In the summer, it is advisable to wear a T-shirt inside and a long-sleeved jacket outside to ensure you will not be scratched by the scratches of the forest as well as protect you from colds due to sweat and forest breeze. You should wear soft canvas shoes, with many spikes to grip the road. Backpacks should be used with a lumbar strap to immobilize to prevent easy movement. Your backpack can weigh from 5 to over 15 kg depending on the time, plan and number of participants trekking. Therefore, you must have good health, exercise regularly before the trip.