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What should be in the first aid bag when going trekking? (Part 1)

A good trip or not depends a lot on the luggage you are going to take with you. In addition to preparing personal belongings for the trip, you should have a first aid kit with you in case there are unexpected minor injuries that happen far away. 

Let’s face up a few items that should be in the first aid kit when trekking  !

What is first aid kit?

The first aid kit is designed relatively compact with many basic primary items. Used in homes, classes, trips, …. First aid kit is used in cases of minor scratches, cuts, or some emergencies that need to be handled to avoid infection before bringing the injured person to the nearest medical center.

túi sơ cứu trekking

Items to have in the first aid kit

Group of items used to bandage the wound

When traveling, whether you choose a resort or trekking on challenging roads, a few small injuries such as falls, scratches, … can completely happen. Therefore, you need to prepare some simple first aid plans to bandage the wound in an emergency situation that is extremely necessary. 

túi sơ cứu trekking

Some of the basic items are:

  • Bandage: is a tool used to protect wounds and stop bleeding for minor wounds. Bandages come in a variety of sizes and are relatively compact, making them suitable for many different wounds. Choose to bring a synthetic bandage bag of different sizes and shapes that will help you to handle the wound conveniently to avoid infection and dirt. 
  • Antiseptic solution: Before dressing the wound, you need to clean the wound to avoid infection. Some compact disinfectants you can take with you when traveling such as 70 ° alcohol, red medicine, physiological saline, …
  •  Bandages: used when having large wounds or cases requiring bone immobilization such as dislocations. 
  • Tweezers: used to remove debris from the skin, note you must disinfect tweezers before using!