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5 activities you must experience in the Himalayas

The dramatic Himalayan chain is one of the most admired international tourist destinations in the world, with exciting activities awaiting your discovery.

The natural grandeur of the mountains, people, abundant wildlife and even its remoteness has attracted millions of tourists over the past 10 years.

Himalaya is not only your average mountain resort. Over 40 million people live here, and their diverse and vibrant culture will force you to learn more. The mosaic paintings of different communities, cultures and pilgrim routes make the Himalaya chain an ideal place to check your limits and venture into the undiscovered wilderness. Here are 10 activities you might want to try while exploring the Himalayas.

1. Take water rafting

There are many canyons emerging from the summit in Himalayas, which means that it is exactly what you need to feel that you live. Song Ganga is great for rafting water; chaotic and quite difficult to defeat, there are adventures for professionals and beginners.

2. Trekking

Trekking is probably the most common type of activity to try while in the Himalayas. There are many different routes for experienced climbers and beginners. Some of the most famous are Annapurna, Langtang, Mount Kangchenjunga, and of course, Mount Everest.

the Himalayas

3. Heli-skiing

Helium skiing is a type of activity that has become popular over the years in the Himalayas. In particular, Himachal Pradesh, offers a number of unbeatable options. Skiers are transported by a helicopter at a height of about 14,000 feet from where they jump onto the snow and slide down the slope.

4. Gondola riding

Gulmarg Gondola is the tallest and longest cable car in the world in Asia. The trips start at 9,000 feet and they are up to 10,000 feet, thus providing visitors with the most incredible landscapes. Prepare your camera as you will want to capture every second of this amazing experience.


5. Yak safaris

This type of activity is exclusive to the Himalayan region from Ladakh. Yak is a giant animal native to Ladakh, and many tourists are only fascinated by them. In India, yak was used to explore heavy terrain. Today, these animals attract many interested tourists to learn more about their background.