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Finding Holy Water In The Himalayas In Nepal

Each year, on the August full moon, the pilgrims follow Hinduism and Buddhism underwent a difficult trip to the Gosaikunda Lake, a magically beautiful lake on the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

For many centuries, water and cultures have relationship with each other, and this is showed specifically in the Himalayas.

Toàn cảnh Hồ Gosaikunda trải dài vào ngày trăng tròn 26/8/2018. Ảnh: Nabin Baral

The Himalayan country is considered as source of “sacred water” because of the purity of the water, and it sustains the lives of hundreds of millions people living along the banks of the river flowing from the mountain.

Một người hành hương Hindu ngồi trên lưng ngựa đi qua Vườn quốc gia Langtang một ngày trước ngày rằm tháng 8. Ảnh: Nabin Baral

One of the sources of water is the Gosaikunda Lake in Rasuwa, Nepal. It is located at an altitude of 4,380 metres above the sea level. Water from Gosaikunda lake nourishes one of the major rivers in the Gandaki River basin, and is considered being “sacred” for both of Hindus and Buddhists. Hindus believe that the Shiva’s Gods were born here.

Những người hành hương Hindu nghỉ ngơi trong chuyến đi đến Vườn Quốc gia Langtang. Ảnh: Nabin Baral

The lake is also a popular destination for hikers in Nepal, and is one of the Ramsar wetlands. It is located in the Langtang National Park.

Một người hành hương vừa ngâm mình trong hồ nước linh thiêng. Ảnh: Nabin Baral

Every year on the full moon of August the Festival of Janai Purnima, thousands of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage to Gosaikunda Lake to search for the “holy water”. On the day of the full moon August, pilgrims bathe in the Lake to purification of the body and soul. They also get water from Gosaikunda Lake onto their water bottles to take home. Holy water is retrieved to represent cultural and religious activities in Nepal.

Vào lúc bình minh rạng đông vào ngày trăng tròn, người Hindu và Phật tử hành hương thờ cúng nước hồ Gosaikunda vào ngày 26/8/2018. Ảnh: Nabin Baral

It takes 2-3 days to walk from Dhunche, the headquarters of Rasuwa district, to the Gosaikunda Lake. The pilgrims in several different ages climb. In spite of a very difficult trip, religious and cultural values of the holy water are further motivation for the pilgrims during the journey.

Pháp sư là một phần của nghi lễ thờ phụng nước của hồ Gosaikunda vào buổi sáng ngày trăng tròn. Ảnh: Nabin Baral

Then they bathe from morning to night in the freezing cold water, they worship the water and meditation in front of the Lake.