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Nepalese football – when dawn is just over the Himalayas

Compared to the football of the countries in the region, Nepalese football has not really developed.

However, looking at the past, this South Asian country once owned a generation that is considered a golden generation when there are successful tournaments in the continent.

Founded in 1951, Nepal’s first international match was a confrontation with Chinese neighbor in 1972. It took less than 10 years, the Nepalese national team became one Asia’s most powerful force in consecutive continents such as having excellent matches against West Germany and the Soviet Union in friendly matches or winning gold medals at the sports conference South Asia.


Through many ups and downs, Nepalese football is on the right track. ANFA (Nepal Football Federation) is very active in learning and developing to revive the country’s football background. Linking with Japanese football to open the youth training model to receive support from the FIFA World Football Federation is making Nepal really become itself.

The Nepal National Championship is rated as the best professional quality in South Asia. Nepalese teams such as Nepal Army Club and Three Star Club have achieved certain successes in the AFC cup arena. Nepalese players are well-trained under the guidance of Japanese experts. 


Koji Gyotoku (1965) is expected to change and refresh Nepal’s football background after more than 2 years of management and leadership. ANFA hopes the Japanese strategist will contribute to the change of Nepalese football.

The Nepal Olympics did not aim too big, but instead considered Asian Games this time to be a rubble tournament to face the South Asian championship in 2019. Although it did not put much on the achievements,the Nepal Olympics still brought to Indonesia The best face the football is possessing is midfielder Herman Gurung or striker Bimal Magar, who is only 20 years old but has 26 caps for the national team and scored 8 goals …


Football is back in Nepal, which is known for its famous sights rather than the passion for King sport. It seems that dawn is beginning to float on the peaks in the Himalayas…