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3 Things To Do Before Every Safe Trekking

Start conquering from the familiar mountains and forests, once discovered by many people, you may find them less interesting but this will help you gain more experience and prepare well for the next trip.

1. Join associations and groups so that members can share experiences, knowledge, skills and explore places from easy to difficult.

2. Know your strength and absolutely do not “follow” your group or go “arbitrary”. That has to do with the safety of your own life and those of you.

It is necessary to seriously recognize your competence in terms of spirit, knowledge, understanding, training, learning skills such as being lost, assessing the situation, assigning work, rescue, health care. , knowledge of climbing, rope climbing, tying rope …

With this discipline, players need to have good health, not suffering from cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure.

3. Preparing personal belongings: Before leaving, must carefully study the destination, check the furniture, monitor the weather forecast to prevent floods, get stuck, bring medical equipment to avoid injury of blood loss.

During the transfer, the team must leave contact information and estimated time to complete the trip. Members cross-check personal belongings, furniture and technology. In particular, members do not arbitrarily separate groups or go alone in the cave without the consent of the team leader.

3 Việc Cần Làm Trước Mỗi Chuyến Trekking An Toàn - Ảnh 1

Also, when preparing personal belongings should be noted, do not wear jeans (jeans soaked in water will be very heavy, affecting climbing) or tight clothes; Should wear dry clothes, long-sleeved clothes to avoid scratches. You should also not wear flip flops or slippery back-slippery shoes.

Important items such as phones, electronics use plastic bags wrapped carefully, then put in bags or waterproof backpacks. The water in the cave should not be used as it may contain parasites and pathogens.