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Useful tips for preparing for a trekking

Unsurprisingly, trekking is increasingly popular. Prepare properly for your trek trip with the top tips for trekking preparation in this article!

1. Start practicing trekking very soon

Even if a hike is planned 12 months in advance, it’s never too early to start training. Find ways to improve your health and fitness gradually, giving your body time to adjust to the new needs you are posing. That way, you can enjoy mountain climbing and avoid the risk of injury.

2. Practice walking

Walking practice will be the basis of your climbing program and it is important to plan regularly according to the types of the distance you will take on your trek. Initially, alternating the training days with the holidays but when your fitness improves, practice regularly every day, this will create a stronger connection to the actual trek trip. It will also help you endure the relentless nature of a long trek when you don’t have days of rest. Ideally, practicing walking will help you to walk 4-6 hours comfortably without being tight or urged on time before returning to your usual busywork.

This is probably one of the most obvious steps, but surprisingly, quite a few people don’t take it. What is the best way to prepare for a really long walk? Perhaps you should start with a little distance and persistence go the length you will go on your trek.

3. Improve leg health with exercise

Foot health will be the key to your climb. Therefore, in addition to walking exercise to improve the health of your feet, try an exercise like leg press or squat.

4. Choose the right shoes for the trek

Climbing shoes of good quality and suitable for your trek are essential. A good pair of hiking boots with ankle protection is very important. Imagine if your climbing shoes were completely broken and you had to lie in one place because your leg hurt, then the time for the blisters would be now, not during the climb. In other words, you will not expect this while trekking. When buying shoes, try to buy in the afternoon when your feet are a little bigger so you can choose the right size.

5. Don’t forget all the trekking!

Climbers focus a lot on shoes, so it’s easy to forget the best socks to wear. The shoes are good but when combined with the wrong socks will ruin your trekking trip. So when trying on shoes, put on trekking socks. Look for ingredients like Coolmax with sweat-absorbing properties or consider the Gore-text range that is not only sweat-proof but waterproof too!