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Some skills when trekking you need to know

During trekking, it is important that you do not go as fast as you can to your destination, but keep the strength to go along the journey.

You should go for trekking at a normal speed, keep your breath when climbing uphill or downhill, if too strong, please take a break, but do not take too long because it will easily get cold.

With steep slopes, you can follow the zigzag path, use a walking stick to gain momentum and stick to the rock and trunk to climb. When going down the soles of the feet, you should go in an inclined position, bend and keep the center of the backpack in front of the stand. If you go straight, the center of the backpack will be behind the feet, prone to slip.

If the slope is quite steep, you should turn to face the cliff, use both hands to cling and climb down. When climbing down, your body always has to bear on 3 fulcrums, one hand with two legs or one leg with two hands. Use your other hand or foot to find a lower fulcrum.

When you go trekking or climbing you will lose a lot of water due to sweat, but you should not drink water continuously or drink plenty of freshwaters, only drink water and take a few sips to quench thirst every time you rest. You can also add sugar, lemon juice or vitamins to help your body stabilize blood sugar and increase resistance.

You should choose a shoe size larger than 0.5 to 1 size than the normal shoe you wear, do not wear shoes that are too tight or fit because it will quickly blister.

When crossing fast-flowing streams or climbing steep cliffs, force you to use ropes to connect the people in the group together, need strong and skilled people to anchor the rope to a certain point and support people.

Note when lost in the forest

If you have just been lost from a group, the first thing to do is to stay calm, limit movement a lot, determine the direction and leave a sign there for people to come to the rescue.

You should mark the way you go on the trees or cliffs, try to light a fire to make smoke or make loud sounds if possible.

Looking for water and going to the direction of rivers and streams will increase your chances of survival. Only eat fruits and trees that you know are definitely not poisonous, avoid eating strange mushrooms or fruits.

To protect yourself and avoid the rain, you should find a safe shelter like a rock niche. If you are healthy enough to find your own way out of the lost area, you should follow the forest trail, avoid roads with lots of trees, bushy because it is difficult to determine the direction.

And when you have good preparation, certain skills, don’t be afraid to explore new horizons!