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Before trekking, what problems should be noted?

Trekking requires a lot of knowledge and survival experience. Because trekking is not as simple as traveling, traveling, eating normally, there will be many dangers in the trip.

So, before going to Trekking, the trekkers need to equip themselves with good knowledge and experience:

 What should you wear to trekking?

What to wear when trekking will depend on the topography, weather and humidity of the place where we go to trekking.

For example:

– We go Trekking in places with heavy rain, heavy dew, high humidity and cold weather, we should choose waterproof clothes, heat-resistant jackets and should wear pants combined with pants to prevent squeezed and insect in shoes.

– When exploring in high-temperature, hot, and dry places, the Trekker should wear loose, breathable, sweat-absorbent and quick-dry clothes for more convenient mobility.

What do you need to bring with a trekking?

Trekking facilities will help Trekker enjoy the journey in a more enjoyable way. During the Trekking trip it is best to be a Trekker prepare:

First, compass – map: If we do not prepare these things and we are in danger, lose our belongings, get lost, you can use compass, map or natural elements to help you. we define the direction like the sun.

Second, climbing shoes: Your main means of transport are feet, so Trekking shoes are indispensable equipment in your trekking journey. Trekking shoe sole is required to be a rubber sole, waterproofing combined with shoe nails suitable for each terrain, each trip.

Third, a picnic backpack: For long-term trekkers, they need to carry all their equipment with them. A specialized backpack for trekking can help you comfortably carry 9 to 19kg of clothes and Trekking equipment.

In addition to the above items, the trekker also needs to prepare tents, hammocks, food, life-saving equipment, survival tools such as GPS, fire generator, water filter, knife, machete, multi-purpose tool, whistle. , mirror, mountaineering sticks. Besides, when going to trekking, you also need to prepare flashlight, backup charger, recording device, raincoat, insect repellent, mosquito repellent, etc.