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5 mistakes that make a trekking trip a disaster (Part 1)

If you are an inexperienced trekking, hiking and you are preparing for your first trip, here are some things you need to know, before departure.

The following article will point out 5 common mistakes, giving you more strength to make sure the trip becomes memorable of an adventure-changing life instead of a disaster vacation.

1. Not drinking enough water

In our experience, trekker and climber, dehydration or dehydration are the main causes of dizziness at high altitude rather than oxygen deficiency. People are aware that heights can kill you, heights can stop you from succeeding, but few people really pay attention to the amount of water they need and how their bodies are affected by the shortage.


The higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure, which increases the rate of evaporation through the skin, and the greater the rate of evaporation from the lungs, meaning that you lose water faster. In some cases, it is 2 to 4 times faster than standing at sea level.

Most people don’t feel thirsty at high altitudes even though they are really dehydrated, so it’s important to make a habit of drinking lots of water, other than water, which can be hot tea or drinks against dehydration.

Dehydration means you are tired and stressed, affecting your memory, thinking ability and response speed. Don’t make this mistake, drink enough water. Minimum of 3 to 4 liters at high altitude, can drink more depending on the condition and size of your body.

2. Did not equip themselves with the knowledge of altitude sickness

Understanding the impact of altitude (from over 3,000 meters) on your body is not the responsibility of anyone other than yourself. There is no magic drug that can prevent this, no special training regime or a device can eliminate the risk, the only thing you can do is become more knowledgeable about The risks can be encountered, the changes may be happening to your body and what you can do with them when they appear. Read the article Things to know about altitude sickness.

It should be noted that the height affects the level of oxygen in the body, so you need to learn to be aware of breathing and active breathing, purposeful both when active and when resting in a well huge.