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5 mistakes that make a trekking trip a disaster (Part 2)

3. Being dominated by “the self”

The “self” is the one responsible for most serious altitude Sayings. A simple remedy for altitude sickness is “going down”. But the ego is what prevents people from deciding to go down.

It is observed that trekking people who want to quickly reach the first destination, to be considered healthy and physically fit, are often at risk of the effects and effects of motion sickness. We always advise first-time climbers: “Be the last to reach the campsite” during their acclimatization period. This means that you are not strenuous and go up faster than necessary.


4. Do not take care of your feet carefully

People who are new to trekking often have two foot problems.

– No testing and pre-testing of equipment: Climbing shoes and socks

Solution: Get on the trail whenever you can before your trip to test equipment, see how shoes and socks affect your feet on different distances and terrain. Are they too tight? Too small? Are hiking shoes rubbing when you go up or down? Are your toes poked up to the tip of the shoe? Make sure you test these early to allow time for equipment changes and refinements.

– No experience in protecting feet to handle when the feet are blistered, rubbed, irritated, moist, purple toenails.

Solution: Test your equipment to see how climbing shoes and hiking socks affect your feet. If you notice blistering, try different climbing socks and try a different shoe size to reduce the blistering effect. You can also use medical measures to prevent blistering. If moisture and irritation cause you to clean and dry your feet every night, use a method like talcum powder (the ingredient in talcum powder) to create a clean and dry environment for your feet.

5. No preference for hygiene

A lot of interesting trekking spots are in developing countries, and most of here, you don’t have ideal sanitation. If you are not familiar with wildlife, this may be a challenge for you. How to eat, personal hygiene, how to sleep, all activities related to activities in a normal day will be very new in nature.