The best time for trekking in Nepal

You can go hiking in Nepal all year round, but most people often trekking in autumn and spring. If this is your first time trekking in

Nepal, we recommend coming hereon one of these peak seasons. Although the trekking supply will be more crowded, but it will be safer for you.

Fall (October – November)

This is the highest peak climbing season in Nepal. This is the best time to see the mountains, sunny sky, mild climate and less rain. The downside of this time is that many other tourists and tea houses are always overloaded, especially along the famous trekking routes ABC Anapunar. If you go to Anapunar palace, do not go into these 2 months.

Poon Hill

Spring (March – April)

Spring is the second peak season and also the best season of the year to trekking in Nepal. This is when the ice and snow melt on high mountain passes, the giant rhododendron begins to bloom on the hillsides of Nepal. This is a cool airtime, and is also very suitable for watching wildlife. The two main drawbacks when trekking in the spring are the winter trekking roads and the sky is quite dim,which can obscure your vision. However, the higher the climb, the brighter the sky, the clearer the scenery.

Manaslu Circuit

Other seasons

In addition to the peak seasons in Nepal, trekking in other seasons has its own advantages. The roads become more deserted, the prices are cheaper. However, trekking beyond the peak seasons in Nepal also has hidden dangers, so you must consider carefully.

Experienced winter travelers (December – February) can find sunny days and brilliant mountain views at this time of year. However, temperatures can be cold, daytime shorter than night, and harsh winter storms can disrupt your climbing plan or you must force many destinations to pass along the way. In addition, many popular stores will not be able to travel at this time of year due to heavy snowfall at high altitudes.

Hồ Gokyo

Trekking in the rainy season (May – September) should not go. Monsoon winds and rains cause landslide and erosion in Nepal. This makes climbing difficult and dangerous. The weather can also be hot and humid during this time of year and the mountains are often obscured by clouds.