What dangers will trekking in rainy season face? (Part 2)

2. Note to remember when trekking in rainy season

Which season to go trekking? Surely the rainy season is not suitable. But if you still want to try to explore and experience, do not forget some notes below. To make the trekking go smoother.

Choose a trekking route carefully

You should limit to mountains with large streams such as Ngu Chi Son, Putaleng, Pusilung. If necessary, you can carefully update the weather situation from local people to have the right plan.

Flash flooding occurs due to heavy rains upstream. So even though the river where you stand is not necessarily safe. Areas along rivers and streams, along the national highway, are most prone to landslides. Because the soil in those regions is less stable, you need to be wary.

In the rainy season trekking, you should always watch the water changes as you go through the stream. If the water changes more opaque, the water level rises, the branches float abnormally much on the water surface. You need to stay away from the water stream. That could be the flood coming from upstream. You can also spot the early floods by listening to the loud sounds of rocks, branches clashing from afar.

Equipped with survival skills

Taking care of yourself with good health, a place to sleep, and self-medicating is an immutable principle when trekking. You should not depend on others, on the collective. Prepare a backpack with all the necessary food and tools but compact.

If you get lost, you must stay in the forest for longer. With food shortages, you can live on wild vegetables, stream fish, and fruits. But be clear about those things. In addition, you need to equip survival skills such as first aid with medical equipment, fire, find a way, avoid wild animals. You also need to know how to filter water, ignite, use a rescue mirror, … to help yourself survive in extreme conditions.

Absolutely not split the group

When traveling in groups, the most important thing is to always follow the instructions of the leader. They are the ones who anticipate danger and how to avoid it. Absolutely not arbitrarily moving groups. Even if you have experience. Concentration and discipline will be vital for a safe rainy season trekking.

Always have a coping plan when trekking in the rainy season

Hot sun, drought or heavy rain, flash floods are unavoidable phenomena when trekking. Before you start going, you need to prepare supplies, food. And how to handle any weather situation.

Trekking experience in the rainy season shows that you need to prepare well, dry food or cooking utensils, raincoats, etc. You also consider changing the campsite, rescheduling if necessary. There are always have backup plans and hypothetical situations to help you be proactive in all situations.