What should be in the first aid bag when going trekking? (Part 2)

Some preventive drugs

When traveling, to ensure the health of a complete trip, you need to follow the principle of “prevention is better than cure”. You can carry some preventive medicines in your pocket such as:

  • Anti-motion sickness medicine: If you frequently get motion sickness or motion sickness or have never been sick but move a new vehicle for the first time. So prepare a little anti-motion sickness medicine, carry it with you to minimize the possibility of fatigue while traveling.
  • Eye drops: when you travel, chances are that your eyes will be dry due to frequent outdoor activities, bring a bottle of eye drops with you to ensure your eyes are protected at all times.
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen lip balm: Regular outdoor activities will cause your skin and lips to be adversely affected by ultraviolet rays. So, choose for yourself the type of sunscreen compliment, sunscreen lip balm with SPF suitable for your skin.
  • Antihistamines: Drugs used in some cases of insect bug or snack allergy help you temporarily respond before going to the health center. 
  • Mosquito and insect repellent: when you go to the forest where there is a lot of bushes, remember to apply mosquito repellent or insect repellent that can prevent the insects from coming near you.

Some other medical items

In addition to the above items, you need to bring some essential items in the first aid kit such as: 

  • Thermometer: carry with you helps you monitor the body’s temperature regularly to help you detect abnormal symptoms and can prevent and cure disease as soon as possible. 
  • Hot, cold compresses or massage medicine: used in case of soreness or discomfort when you are active outdoors.
  • Scissors, bandages, and medical gloves are used to aid in the wound treatment and prevent bacteria from entering the wound.
  • Condoms: In addition to the main function of limiting sexually transmitted diseases, condoms can also store water when you lack a water retention device, you can use them to store that water.