Why Us ?

We are a Nepal based Adventure-travel Company specializing in trekking and adventure-travel activities since 2002 We are a team of experienced and equipped personnel who has been organizing successful treks and mountaineering expeditions. We are the local leader for Nepal trekking tours.

This ensures that we can provide high quality treks of exceptional value.. Our treks are all inclusive, so there is little need to pay for anything once your trip commences until it ends. Our hands-on approach and years of experience has ensured a safety record second to none as we have pioneered some of the most unique itineraries in the adventure market place today.

We know, it’s hard to trust a company you don’t have enough information of. It involves the financial, thus it is very important to know that the company you chose is fully authorized and licensed by the authorized agency, and is experienced for the trip you will be joining them with
Adventure Himalaya Treks Pvt. ltd. is authorized by the Government of Nepal and licensed by Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation for operating tours, treks, mountaineering and other various adventures activities in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan.

We believe that our incredible guides and staff are the foundation of our programs. All of our guides are highly skilled professionals who have been selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, careful judgment, patient and supportive teaching styles and great personalities. At a minimum, all of our guides hold current Wilderness First Responder Certification and are proficient in technical rescue and evacuation skills. Our guides are dedicated to the world of adventure, many having first ascents and successful summits on major peaks in the Cascades all the way to Mount Everest. In addition to their impressive personal achievements in the field, they bring a wealth of natural and cultural riches for their group’s enlightenment.
All of our guides are experienced for more than 10 years, and even some are in the field for last 15 years.

While traveling to Himalaya, Safety and Precaution are most important of all.
With us, your safety and comfort are tremendously important to us. That is why we maintain the highest quality of service possible, from carefully designing itineraries for proper acclimatization, to upholding the most scrupulous sanitary standards while preparing and cooking meals. Our safety record stands as the finest in the Guiding industry. This is not simply a promotional statement but a testament to our orthodox nature when it comes to decision making.

Our safety record stands as the finest in the guiding industry. This is not simply a promotional statement but a testament to our conservative nature when it comes to decision making.

We carry First Aid Box, High altitude Gamow Bag and Oxygen as per required. Our staffs are trained to treat altitude sickness, thus you are in a very safe hands. If any emergency arises during the trip, we have every possible safety precautions available.

We are an insured company; therefore, every of our staff is insured to work on the Himalayan region which ensures the safety. Without insurance of coverage of helicopter evacuation and medical expenses, we do not operate any trips to the Himalayas.

For any of our adventure programs we offer you the most competitive cost. The packages we offer are unbeatable value for money, with our standards of services. And we never compromise with the quality.

As we are the local based adventure-travel company, our entire administration expenses are in local currency, therefore, allowing to keep overhead costs at minimum. We offer the same facilities as those provided by the western companies at literally a fraction of the price.