Wilderness Trekking

  • Upper Dolpo Trek 27 Days

    Upper Dolpo Trek is trek that leads to the settlement of Tibetan community. Situated in the Middle- Western development region of the country, Dolpo is the largest district of Nepal and covers about six percent of the total land of Nepal. It is one of the most remote regions of the country. Even though it is a remote area, it however, has abundant natural resources making it naturally rich. We can find enormous amount of vegetation and a large number of animals. Dolpo is divided into two regions Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo. Upper Dolpo is a restricted area and requires a fee for tourists that has indeed made the region already very exclusive where Crystal Mountain, Dolpo’s own version of Mount Kailash to show their devotion. We will be able to observe such traditions on our Upper Dolpo Trek.

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  • Manaslu Round Trek

    Manaslu,meaning of the spirit in the Sanskrit.One of the famous and popular trekking routes of Nepal that is at the height of above 8,167m from the sea level is Manaslu round trek or Manaslu circuit trek. It is the world’s highest peak and has been known as the world’s eigth highest peak. Manaslu region is restricted area require special trekking permit to get entry into Manaslu region for foreigners. Many trekkers consider this trekking route as one of the easiest treking routes despite the height. There are many other trekking routes in Nepal that are at greater altitudes. This route is a very popular one and hence many tourists visit the trail every year. There are many international and national tourists that go through this trekking route, there has been an estimation of 2000 trekkers who visit the trail every year. The trail has a glimpse of magnificent Manaslu range. While on this route, we will pass through one of the highest passes ‘Larkya La Pass’ that is at the height of 5,213 meters. The altitude is very high and trekkers should be aware of the change in altitude on the way.

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